Feb 22, 2014

Change Management*

Of all companies that plan to create transformations, only 12% achieve success. By success, that means there are realizations (the good and expected results) and sustainability.

The major difference those 12% made was "anticipating and mitigating risks!"

At individual level, we can only ask people to change 1-2 things at a time (in 3-6 months period).

Asking them to change 10 things at a time is like asking them to change nothing.

Like a sponge, people have finite capacity to absorb changes.

When people in your company get upset and become resistant to the change, maintain the communication, and communicate a compelling DESTINATION that appeals to both heart and mind.

Note: reluctance is healthy, and actually, a good sign. When it comes to changes and uncertainties, people will always be reluctant, and it's not because whether or not the changes and/or uncertainties are good, but it's because changes disrupt their expectations. And that's normal. That's okay.

If you managed to maintain the communication yet they keep upset, then it is the time to listen! People need to be listened. And when they communicate, ask them what are things that don't work, and ask them to propose some options to tackle the problems.

Build a healthy sponsorship spine, and identify sponsors bottom-up.


*My personal takeaways from Bain Breakfast meeting on 19/2. Credit goes to Patrick Litre.

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