Apr 25, 2015


Last year, in the last week of the month of Ramadan, my father was hospitalized for chronic kidney disease. The doctor said that his one and only kidney left (as he'd had nephrectomy couple of years before) somehow stopped functioning properly, to the extent that he needed dialysis.

Simply put, while most people have kidney(s) to filter and remove waste products from the blood (thus producing urine), the function of my father's kidney was extremely bad that the filtering had to be done artificially. Not just once, but continously and regularly. "Twice a week," the doctor said.

On the other side, on the first day when my father got into the hospital, my sister and her family had to move to Pau. At the time, she was 7 months pregnant. I remember one thing my father kept saying on that day was his plan, together with my mom, to visit my sister and her family in France sometime soon, especially to see his would-be first granddaughter. Of course, that was before we knew about the kidney failure.

When the doctor said that regular dialysis was the only option my father had, my parents asked loads of questions. But nothing broke my heart more than this one, "what about traveling?"

I might not be able to fully understand what my parents felt at the time, but I know for sure, even I was crushed.

Long story short, my father went on dialysis for two weeks. Somehow after the fifth one, miracle happened, and his kidney started to work properly. Even the doctor couldn't give the clear explanation how it happened. All we know is that he's never had dialysis ever since.

Fast forward to today, my sister sent me these pictures.

Well, I may not be able to fully understand what my parents are feeling right now, but I know for sure, even I am overjoyed.

P.S. For those of you who have to go through some medical treatments, or have family member who does, I pray that God gives you and your loved ones the miracle He gave to my father. And above all, I sincerely pray that He gives you and your loved ones the strength and patience to carry you through the difficult time.

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