Mar 2, 2014

Because it's time..

Most of us have heard it at least once: Time is Money.
My favorite twist: Time is invaluable even money can't buy it.

Time, of course, is very precious.

It doesn't take a genius to know that we can always make more money, but not more time. It doesn't take a lover to understand that if we want to give the best gift to our loved ones, give our time. It doesn't take an entrepreneur to know that there will always be enough projects, meetings, and many others, but there will just never be enough time.

Now if I ask you; how much time do you need? How much is enough? I think those two are enough questions to lead us to notice how time is tremendously valuable, yet somehow, also very abstract.

And probably because of its high value and abstraction, more often than not, some people are trapped to justify time as the reason.

"go to bed, because it's 10pm!"
Wrong. "Go to bed, because you need rest for tomorrow!"

"It's 3pm, time to go home."
Wrong. "The class ends and I have nothing else to do here, so I'd better go home."

"It's diner time, let's have something to eat."
Wait, how if I'm still full?

"Your company has been run for years, it's time for it to go public"
Pffft. I mean, PFFFT!!!

"You've passed your mid 20's, it's time to settle down and start a family."
Huh? Seriously?

I know. We know. Time is very precious. But making time as the reason is absolutely impetuous. Doing things for the sake of fulfilling the "it's time" notionthen, makes no sense whatsoever. 

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