Nov 7, 2014

I love you to the moon and back (NOT).

Yo Amirah,

On your favorite day, I was going to say that "I love you to the moon and back," yet somehow it tickled my fancy so that I, per usual, googled and found out that the distance to the moon and back is about 760.000 km. 

Speaking about making sense and being precise,
you know I'm learning from the best (read: you).

For a split second I thought the number was a lot, but then I remembered that I--actually my car--went almost as far as 25.000 km, just in 2013. According to that, mathematically speaking, "to the moon and back" can be roughly translated as "for about 30 years". So then I told myself, "naah, I don't think I will ever say that I love my best friend (only) for about 30 years."

Anyhow, I also don't think I will rephrase and change the word moon to something that is just a lot further ("I love you to the Pluto and back" sounds ridiculous, you know), because then I also realized that it is the limitation that truly bothers me.

So I guess I better keep it simple.

I love you.

But definitely not "to the moon and back," because no matter how grandeur it may sound, it fails to convey how I deeply value our friendship, which I'm very much grateful for. Trust you understand.

And here's your favorite cherry on top,
Happy birthday, Ms. Alkaff.
Have a blast.