Jan 25, 2014


From the way all my friends treat me, I note that there are two types of them. The common denominator is that both respect me for all I am. The only difference is, however, while the first type never failed to "celebrate" my journey, the other type balances the feast with his/her willingness and ability to develop and/or reconstruct my point of view.

I truly cherish the first, yet as my main focus in life has always been to grow, I very much treasure the latter and I try to keep that particular type a lot closer.


Foremost, thanks to the Lolabox for inviting Wangsa Jelita to join their famously desired beauty box this January! My team had about two weeks to prepare all the samples and did manage to send them to the Lolabox team in time. A good way to start the year, I think.

Little minions of Wangsa Jelita
Rose and Green Tea Natural & Healthy Lotions
joining the Lolabox January ed.

Few days after the boxes were successfully delivered to the subscribers, we have received many responses. I love the following the most.
"Buat para penggemar green tea diluar sana wajib nyobain lotion wangsa jelita ini. Sumpeh wanginya green tea bangeet. Kelebihannya lotion in adalah skin-friendly karena terbuat dari 100% no-harmful chemical, cepat meresap ditangan, dan ga lengket. Kekurangan dari benda ini adalah packaging-nya yang un-squeezable jadi agak susah buat ngeluarin lotion didalamnya. Harus disimpan terbalik agar mudah mengeluarkan lotionnya saat akan dipakai."
- Kanaya Prakoso on "Unboxing: Lolabox January 2014"

Thanks heaps for your honest and constructive comments, Kanaya! Well noted on the packaging of the sample, we'll make sure you won't find such thing from us, ever, again. 

And btw, I, personally, was amazed and inspired knowing that there are people who actually calculate the value of the samples received. I have always considered myself careful and meticulous (enough) about calculating things, yet you have definitely outsmarted me. I read your posting in awed.

Taken from Wangsa Jelita Instagram.
Each photo is taken from Kanaya's blog.

My team and I loved her review, so much, that we decided to send her a gift. She deserves the best, and what's better than getting the real size product after trying out the sample?

Another bonus, we thought. So we added it.

Taken from Wangsa Jelita Instagram.
Each photo is taken from Kanaya's blog.

Just two days after she received the gift we'd sent her, she made another review about our Green Tea series on her blog. I sent an email to thank her this morning and, again, she replied by giving some other insights.

Well, I guess my team in Wangsa Jelita has just made one more friend.
Even better, the latter type.

P.S. I truly wish I could write how thankful I am to each and everyone of those who has ever made a review (or two, and even more) about Wangsa Jelita's products. I try my best to, at the very least by emails. But verily, knowing that there are people who made efforts to show some supports are such moments of joy to my team and myself. And they really do motivate us to keep going. God bless them.