Nov 7, 2013

Happy Seven Eleven!

Dear Amirah Adlia Alkaff,

How many times I've told you that you're a "triple A" by name, and also by 'brain capacity'?

Okay, my apologies that the latter might not have been explicitly said and I might have said the former teasingly way too often. But I hope now you understand that you should take that as a compliment, because it is. I don't know what your parents expected exactly when they came up with your name, but one thing I know is that they did an amazing job by giving you a meaningful yet secretly-puzzled one.
(Notice your brother's initial too?) *mind-blown*

You are my brilliant, generous, sincere and determined friend, and I have always been impressed by you since our last year in uni. I have loved you for our time together with Ptod starting Wangsa Jelita, raising Arabian Meal (and killing it a year after), our Sheldon o'clock nights, invading Bunga's room (she just has to be mentioned, hasn't she?), countless dinners out, (not-so-much) weekends cooking, winter and summer quick trip in the Netherlands, our spontaneous (gue-mau-cerita-like-NOW!!!) Skype time, and many others.

Even more, I love you for sharing and teaching me invaluable things, like the P.O.T.H. which you told me few months ago, and also for the complete episodes of Suits - regardless whom you 'actually' did it for, pffft.

On top of that, I love and thank you for being there when not so many were, for giving your trust when not so many did, for simply being you - the partner in every way a starting (read: amateur) entrepreneur could want and need. Many times I've been asked "how did you start Wangsa Jelita?" To which I reply, "I contacted my two amazing friends (you and Ptod). And that's how we started the ball rolling!" I must say that without you two, I wouldn't be the person I am today and Wangsa Jelita wouldn't be what it is right now.

You know, there's a sentence I don't throw around all that often, which I consider as the highest compliment ever? I think you deserve it more than brilliant people I've ever met in person - "I'm proud of you!" I'm proud to be able to work with you back in the good old days, more than that, I'm proud just to be your friend at all. I believe you have made each and everyone surrounds you proud of the woman you have become. You have no idea how much I have learned from you. And I truly thank you for being such a great spark in Wangsa Jelita and my life.

But hey relax, I know you're merely human so I'll forgive you for your witty/sarcastic/frankly blunt comments and your only-God-knows-what-they-mean-kind-of jests. I forgive you for the Sheldon inside you and for the gigantic 2 kg lab rats you created (in your mind). But I don't know, maybe you're right, as "everything is bi.. possible in Ar.. this world, isn't it?". Oh well, for my own sake, I'd rather not go any further.

By the way, I know you despise emotional atmosphere, but to add a sense of dramatic tension, I think this is the perfect time to open this link, in new tab!

*eaaa* hahaha

Well, the lyric is pretty much exaggerated and making nonsense of the song, I think (huh!?! There's no way I would go 'running' to Netherlands). But I truly wish I could run (or rather fly) to Groningen right now and tell you directly what an amazing friend and co-worker you are to me. And more importantly, I want you to know that no matter where each of us goes in life, no matter how far we're apart, we always have each other's back.., front, sides, whatever.

I've seen many people find themselves grow apart from their (used to be) best friends and/or loved ones as time passes, I can't help but ask God to grant us opportunities to keep growing together.

I wish you all the best with all your endeavors (I expect nothing less from you, so go kick some ass, woman!!!) and may the best man win, uhm, your heart. I very much look forward to the day when we can work side by side to co-create (and co-develop) our visions. Until then, do take care of yourself.

And here's (finally) to your day,

Happy birthday, Amirah! Happy Seven Eleven!
Cheers to many papers you'll be writing, to countless places you'll be visiting, to thousands of audience you'll be speaking to, and yes, cheers to many more exciting years ahead! InshaAllah.

Kisses and hugs,

P.S. We enjoyed our little escape in the last winter and summer...

The Hague, Winter 2013
Steenwijk, Summer 2013

Let's see what we can do in the coming spring and fall.
As always, we shall find a way.