Oct 29, 2013

To My Best Care Provider!

My mother..

She is as bright as she is beautiful, as tenacious as she is compassionate. She gives her best to support me and everyone in the family, and I love her utmost for she caresses every fear I've had.

She celebrates my little triumphs and tempers my impatience with tenderness. She might not know every single thing that has happened in my life (she always asks how I am doing though, and sometimes for such and such reasons, I just refuse to answer), yet surprisingly, she understands my hopes and my complaints, without me telling her. I guess nobody does it like she does. 

She is the best definition of the true care provider as she always thinks of everyone in the family and put our needs above her needs. Realization dawns that sometimes, she even puts our pain before her pain.

I cannot yet understand how a mother can do that, but maybe, just maybe, I will do when I become a mother myself. But what I do now understand is why God commands us to honor our parents, especially mother, and why there's a supplication to ask God to be kind to them as they cherished us (in our childhood).


I love you, Ma!

I love you to bits, but I think you're the one whose love I can never reciprocate the way I should have. So I ask The Most Loving to love you abundantly and to grant you the best reward He can ever give, as you deserve.

Happy birthday, Mama! ♥