Aug 21, 2013

To My Very Best Father!

I'm often asked, "Whom you look up to in life?" To which I always reply, "Both of my parents - my thoughtful old man and my compassionate old lady"

For one particular reason, the first is going to be the topic of the day.

My father and I, back in 1990 (I guess)

Like many other girls, I admire my father very much.

He's a super smart and knowledgeable man - well-known and respected for his intelligence and piousness among friends and families. I love the way he tells his experiences and how he has worked hard to be the man he is today. Above all, I admire his integrity and how he always seeks objectivity through Islam standpoint, which, I think, very much has shaped me in many ways.

He's the one who taught me about being responsible and logical, specially in making decisions in life. The one who introduced me to the word which I hardly understood at first yet has created a great impact in my life. I remember, I was 13 at the time.

"REASONABLE: being in accordance with reason; not extreme or excessive; moderate, fair" - as defined by Merriem Webster Dictionary.

He is firm (and stern) to the point that I (and I bet both of my sisters too, haha) feared him back then. Unlike my mom, he's never been that affectionate kind of person (he leaves that kind of thing to her, I think), but in fact, he's a truly caring man who seriously takes a very good care of his family.

There was a time when my father was complaining a lot about my car that I should call someone to fix it. Being careless (and busy *yearite*), I took my time and did nothing for weeks as I was so sure it was nothing serious. No immediate actions needed, so I thought.

One day, while I was traveling abroad for a week, I left my car at my parents' house. The time I got back, I found my car had been totally fixed. Turned out my father asked one of my cousins to get things done. I thanked my cousin, and being embarrassed, I said to him that my father was being over protective and worrying things too much as ever. To my surprise, my cousin said something which I will never forget, and I quote,

"yes, it's clear that he was (worrying things too much), I can see that. You know, I have one daughter and I will do anything to protect her! Your father has three, I cannot imagine how difficult his role is but I can totally understand why he did what he did"

I was stung. Ever since I promised myself not to use the word 'over-protective' to describe him. He is not being over-protective. No no. He is just doing his job, and apparently, he is doing it very well.

To be frank, he's not the perfect kind of father every (spoiled) little kid wishes for, or the kind which appears on soap operas on tv. He doesn't say 'yes' to every plan I have, until I can prove it that I can do it responsibly. He goes the extra mile to support my education and just never mind to challenge my opinions/ideas to dig deep and make sure that they are.. (say the word) REASONABLE!

And even though we argued many times back when I was a teen (as I barely understood him), now looking back, I can see how things are making a lot of sense - how he's been trying really hard to take a good care of me, my mom, my sisters, and everyone in his life. He's simply the kind of father with an 'imperfect perfection', and that, I believe, what makes him the perfect father for me.

Verily, I can never return the favor no matter how hard I try.


A 'thank you' feels like nowhere close to enough, yet a most ginormous gigantic THANK YOU nonetheless. Happy happy birthday, Papa. May Allah be pleased with you and I ask Him to grant you the best reward in this life, and the next.

I love you!

My father and I, June 2013

Hugs and kisses* from sunny Geneva,

*to which he always responds, "uh, bau!".
Pffft. No, it wasn't me, of course. It's just one proof that he cannot handle any form of affection well. Hahaha.