Aug 31, 2013

(re)define: READY

I was having a dinner with a great friend of mine and his brother the other night. Thanks to my friend, who is a scientist/physicist/chemist (ye, I kid you not, or errm, maybe I just don't know which) for giving a touch of physics (like seriously) into our random chat at the time.
..the term 'cold' does not exist, it is merely 'the absence of heat'.
He then continued explaining that neither does the term 'dark' (as it is actually 'the absence of light'). He added,
That's why we cannot measure both cold and darkness, but we can measure the amount of heat and light present instead.
Ha. Very interesting.


Just recently, in another occasion, I was out with my girl, Nancy. As always, we talked about many things have been happening and somehow this question occurred,
How can we know that we're ready for something?
Take a man who wants to start a business for instance. Say that he is now working for a big multinational company, very well-paid, and financially stable. However, he also does want to have his own business at some point in his life. Some (expected) questions arise:

How can he know that he is ready to take the huge leap, leaving what he already has behind? What is the indicator? What is the sign?

You know what, if we google "ready to be an entrepreneur", we'll find lots of tests that claim to be able to help us to find the answer. Yea, I can't believe myself I took some of them few years ago (haha), well anyway..

I was so intrigued by what my friend said about 'cold' and 'dark' previously. I really love how the approach (in defining those words) uses a tangible measurement which makes it very clear and unambiguous (not-subjective). Hence, I'd like to use the same way to define the term 'ready'.

If there's something tangible that we can observe from someone who is ready and not, I would say, it must be the existence of action. If the man quits his job and starts his own business, then that's what I think the true definition of being ready.

However, the misleading conception nowadays is the thinking that readiness is something that should come first before we take an action. In fact, the truth goes the other way around. The state of being ready comes and grows after we continuously take steps and do something. In other words, if we want to be ready for something, then act! Along the way, we'll find ourselves ready for the thing. Just a matter of time.

I think we can now easily answer the question above.

How can we know that we're ready for something?
Once we have taken an action or done something about it!

You see, if we look closer, we'll find out that the fundamental thing is not about being ready or not. It really is unnecessary for us to answer the question (sorry to say, as well to take the quiz, haha). It's more about the willingness to take an action. How willing are we to do something? How much do we want THE thing to happen?

I twist my friend's words to conclude this writing, hopefully it's not too patchy.

The term 'not ready' does not exist, it is merely the 'absence of willingness'.

There you go.