Jul 20, 2013

The Irony of Hygienic Ears

I woke up at four in the morning yesterday and had felt better. I could tell the painkiller which I took two hours before was working as expected as my left ear no longer suffered from the massive pain it had have. I had sahur, prayed, browsed a bit (read: opened Facebook) and back to my bed. Then I fell asleep.

Suddenly my alarm rang, it said that I would have a meeting at 8.30. The time on my phone showed it was 7.30, but I could barely get out of my bed. So I reached my phone, sent a message to my colleague and cancelled the meeting. And again, back to sleep.

About two hours later, I was awake to a severe headache. I felt the massive pain on my left ear back, and it got even worse. I could feel my body temperature rose so I was thinking to get myself another painkiller. Too bad I couldn't even move but to curl up as I felt so cold that I shivered. Obviously I had a fever.

I have been very blessed to be surrounded by caring people in my life. This time, again, I thank my girlfriend/neighbor, Nancy. (A saying that states 'a good neighbor is a great blessing' is, by all means, true!). She knew I felt unwell the day before so she texted to check on me. I told her about the pain on my ear and the headache, and she advised me to go to the doctor immediately. I wanted to but I could barely move, let alone drive. She told me to get some more rest and go to the doctor after. So I did.

Three hours later I woke up and felt a bit better. I still had the pain on my left ear but I no longer felt cold and my body temperature had slightly decrease. I called Nancy and asked her if she could accompany me to see the doctor. She said she would be having a meeting in a minute but would let me know once she's free. In less than an hour she called me back. She got us a cab and within half an hour we got to the hospital.

Long story short, I got an ear infection. A terrible one apparently. It was weird, I thought, because I have been so vigorous trying to keep my ears clean like I could clean them thrice a day (even more). There's no way they could be infected, so I thought. Irony at the truest sense of word, because chances are, the cotton buds I used were contaminated, so the doctor explained. Oh well..

The doctor gave me some pills and antibiotic eardrops. Though my taste buds seem not to function properly now (everything, especially water, just tastes nasty) I can say I'm feeling a lot better. I'm also glad that I can get back to my laptop and enjoy my weekend in my bed. On the plus side, I got a FULL day off of work - no emails, no phone calls, no texts, no bbms, no nothing and it did feel weirdly good. So very good it made me to think of having another one some other time..

Sans the illness of course.


FYI: Eh lo lg sakit ya Crut? 
NS: Iya 
NS: Kuping gue jamuran masa 
FYI: Omaygat 
FYI: Hahaha 
FYI: Kok bisa? 
FYI: Trus gmn dong? 
NS: Gue merasa jadi orang paling primitif sejagat raya 
FYI: Emaaaang 
FYI: Hahahaha 
NS: Udah ke dokter kmrn, dikasi obat minum sama obat tetes 
NS: Panas tinggi gue kmrn 
NS: Ampe pening bgt gue, gue kira gue bakal mati
NS: Haha 
FYI: Hahaha 
FYI: Emg panas bgt? 
NS: Pas gue ke dokter itu panas gue udah turun, pas diukur 39.7 
FYI: Wooo 
FYI: Kapan kira2 ilang tu jamurnya? 
NS: Katanya sih harusnya tiga hari 
FYI: Oo jadi besok atau lusa ya 
NS: Ameeennn 
FYI: Astaga, baru ketemu gue sama org yg kupingnya jamuran
FYI: Lo skrg masih demam? 
NS: Enggak 
NS: Udah ceria 
NS: Gue agak demam kalo efek obatnya udah agak ilang (per 8 jam) 
NS: Begitu minum, ceria lagi 
FYI: Hasek 
FYI: Puasa gak lo? 
NS: Kagak 
NS: Pas bgt hari ini gak solat
NS: Uhuyyy 
NS: *ga mau rugi 
NS: *sakit2 masih aja pelit 
FYI: Hahaha 
FYI: Kata dokternya knp kok bs smp jamuran? 
NS: Kemungkinan gara2 cotton bud gue gak bersih 
NS: I quote "mungkin pernah jatoh, trus dipake lagi" 
NS: Eaaaaa 
FYI: Hahahaha 
FYI: Udah jatoh ke tempat sampah dipake lagi 
FYI: Ternyata fakir cotton bud 
FYI: Mengais2 di tmpt sampah 
NS: Hahaha 
NS: "Mungkin udah pernah dipake orang, trus dibuang ke tempat sampah, trus kamu pake lagi" 
NS: Euuuhhh 
FYI: "Mungkin udah dipake BUNGA trus ditaro di tempatnya lagi trus kamu pake" 
FYI: BUNGA terkenal 
NS: Hahahahahaha 
NS: "Mungkin udah dipake sama BGK trus kamu pake" 
NS: *super terkenal 
NS: *pake singkatan 
FYI: Hasek 
FYI: Kasus klasik kedokteran 
FYI: Hahahaha 
FYI: Mungkin gak steril dr pabriknya yak 
FYI: Ada yg kena bersin buruhnya gitu 
FYI: Euuh 
NS: Hahahahahahahhaha 
NS: Sebenarnya mungkin salah gue sih 
NS: Cuma bukan "udah jatoh gue pake lagi" 
FYI: Nnnnaaaaahhhh 
FYI: Apa dong? 
FYI: Udah dipake ngupil? 
NS: Hahahahaha 
NS: Gue beri jamur juga lo 
NS: Gue kan ada tempat cotton bud tuh, gue taro cotton budnya di situ, tp karena gue sering ngebersihin kuping, jadi gak gue pasang tutupnya 
NS: Biar praktis ceritanya 
NS: Yg paling mungkin sih gue rasa itu 
NS: + bekas Bunga gue pake lagi 
NS: Euuuuh 
FYI: Ooo 
FYI: Mungkin kena ee' cicak 
NS: Hahahahahaha 
NS: Gue ampe nyembur 

The lesson learned:

FYI: Makanya bersihin kuping tu gak usah sering2 
FYI: Kekekeke

Ah, déjà vu.