Jun 2, 2013

Enlightenment and Beyond

“A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her” - Maya Angelou


Say there are two friends, a young man and a young woman. After a few years out of contact, they met again at thousands of miles away from each of their home. The young woman was traveling and visited the country where the young man has continued his study over the past two years. The casual/trivial/catch-up talk within two days (the only time they got at the time) developed quickly and became much more intense the following days. The young woman went back to her country, but thanks to technology, the communication between the two continued and got much better from that point on. The BBMs became longer, which then transitioned to regular phone calls.

After few weeks passed, one day (or night to be precise) finally the topic of the conversation reached the critical point. The two suddenly discussed each of their life plan, not to mention, the marriage plan. Deep inside, the young woman got jittery.

By the way, just to manage expectation, this is not a love story as you might think. 

Pretty interesting because being a woman her age, getting married was no where near the top of her goal list at the time. Regardless how sometimes some people can be much irritating to her--for she's being careless, she was convinced that "the time" for her is yet to come. Not sure if it's because she had been through some bad relationships, however, she did mention that she does want to get married and have kids someday. I suppose "haven't found the one yet" was the reason.

It turned out that the talk about marriage plan between the two that night was a turning point, ultimately for the young woman.

She is not that religious of a person, but the fact that she was raised by devout muslim parents makes her need to look for answers in Islamic perspective accrues. She started to learn how a marriage should be prepared and conducted, read quite a few literature of how Islam defines love, listen to related explanations by some Ustadz (she even managed to find her favorite one too), all she did in order to understand the role she'll be taking once she has a family. The young woman was completely surprised and humbled - how detail and rigorous Islam guides its ummah in every aspect of their lives. She then also realized how imperfect her understanding had been so that she continues to learn.

Just this morning, a friend of mine asked her how she could be so crazily passionate listening to lectures of one Ustadz. I, too, wondered. She didn't say much, but I've observed how the quest has slowly evolved. She is not only searching and learning about marriage in Islamic perspective now, yet she continues to reveal how beautiful her religion guides the people. "A complete guideline to live a life", so she explained about what she thinks of Islam.


Anyway, I have no idea how the two end - whether they met for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. But no matter which, I think both of them have already got more than they expected at the beginning.