Jan 5, 2013

"Completely Head Over Heels in Love"

"I don't wanna be choosing between two girls, 
I wanna be a complete head over heels idiot for one" 
- Ted Mosby (HIMYM)

It's a chillaxing Saturday for me.

I met a very good friend of mine for an insightful (and fulfilling) breakie at Hummingbird at 7 this morning (I forgot the last time I had a meeting that early), and went back home at 10ish. I sat on my couch, turned on the tv, and there it was.. My used to be favorite tv series, How I Met Your Mother, had been played on STAR World.

What I liked about HIMYM is not only it's entertaining but there's always something I can relate to and learn from. So I decided to spend the next 20min to find out what it is from this episode.

It was the one when Ted gets to work at Goliath National Bank (together with Barney) for he is designing the new GNB building. Later he finds out that the future building is going to be situated on an old hotel - The Arcadian, which he describes as an architectural landmark. He then tells Barney that he refuses to go with the plan. Barney is suspicious and soon manages to make Ted reveals the fact that he actually met a girl named Zoey, a social activist who tries to protect the building and against the idea of its demolition.

A brief flashback goes on how silly Ted can be when he falls completely head over heels in love with someone.. And my mind started to wander..

How far would one go for someone/something that he/she loves? 
How far SHOULD one go?
How far is too far? 

I know a woman who couldn't stand blood and violence but watches Dexter religiously because her loved one does. I know one who wore a pair of jeans for couple of months - without being washed (I can hear your 'eww'..), not because she's one of those jeans addicts, but because her bf was and she was simply influenced.

Here's a profound one.

I also know a man who was so committed to his business (so very committed that I'm 100% sure that if he's dying, his last words will be "oh, my company..."), yet decided to leave it behind. He even took a huge leap to move abroad to be with the one he loved. I couldn't believe it myself but stand corrected. Maybe I was wrong about his love for his business. Or maybe I was right but he just simply found someone that he loved more. Maybe.

I remember a while ago, my best friend told me that 'a man/woman in love is stupid'. I didn't really understand what he meant but I think I got his point now. Not that I agree as I always believe in love and the fight for it. But I do think that sometimes love can drag us further down than it should. I wanted to say that we need to be picky about whom we love, but I think that would make no sense because I believe that love is something given from above, hence unmanageable. So the question remains, how far should we let love to lead?

I'm not quite sure about the answer, but I think my thought here and here provide some hints. Anyway, do tell me what you think. I'm curious!