Jul 19, 2012

"Let's do it!"

In December 2009, I attended a seminar for young entrepreneurs in Jakarta. There were three speakers; two gentlemen and a lady. The gentlemen are very well known for their multi-million dollar businesses so they appeared, well.., as I expected. While the lady.., I had heard a lot about the innovation she and her team had  just created in the last few years, so it was nice to finally put a face on a name. If you ask me what the love at the first sight means, she and her presentation about her business will be my answer.

Batik Fractal, so they call it, is THE kind of innovation and business that makes me (and you should too) proud to be born in this generation. Founded by three young people who live their dreams and at the same time create something that CAN truly change people's lives, Batik Fractal is an innovation that helps local artisans in many ways. In fact, they have helped many many of them in many many places all over Indonesia. One of their products, jBatik, is a software which generates (Batik) pattern using math (fractal) formula. I can go on and on how the business never stops to amaze me, but I will just sum it up in two words. Impressive stuff. You can find out more about them on their website here.

So right after the seminar ended, many attendees went forward to the stage. Some of them asked for speakers' name cards, some others asked to take pictures together (sometimes I failed to understand the latter, but sometimes I did it too, haha). At that time my intention was only one, to get her, to know me.

Long story short, Nancy Margried (the lady's name), impressed me even more the time I got to know her in person. I couldn't shut myself up about her for about two weeks right after I met her the first time. She's the kind of woman who is able to bring the best out of yourself. She's a woman with visions and huge dreams yet never belittle yours. She's the one who respects you for who you are. And even though she keeps telling me that none can change people but themselves, I always believe she was one of few people that have changed me. And I'm proud and thankful for that.

I always thought that she was my mentor, but no, she's beyond a mentor to me. She's more like a sponsor, a sister, and a girlfriend. A more-than-three-in-one kind of package. She is an ally who uplifts me when I'm down, a squad who backs  me up whenever I need one, and the list goes on..

And then there was one day when I told her that we should find a way to collaborate and work together, of course without ignoring our own's passions/businesses. So when one corporate, who has been working with my team for the last few months, asked me to create Lebaran gift for them to be given to their colleagues, then I thought, this is going to be the time.

So I immediately told Nancy about the idea of bundling our products as Lebaran gifts. It was three months ago. She answered me loud and clear and I was smiling from ear to ear.

"Let's do it!"

Read the details about it here. And Watch the videos below.



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Last but not least, for all muslims who read this, happy fasting!
May Ramadan showers us all with His blessings.