Apr 1, 2012

"You're the BEST to my FRIEND!"

While some people try hard to make friends with (literally) anyone, I prefer to keep friends I already had and make new acquaintances. I am very, very picky when it comes to people whom I spend my time with.

So acquaintances? I have many.
Best friends? Well, only a few.

But realizing what kind of best friends that I have had and knowing that Yasmin is one of them, "only a few" is definitely more than enough.


No words can describe how special Yasmin is to me.
She's not like.. The nicest person I've ever met, you know..

Back when we were in uni, talking about a hot guy in campus (HGIC), suddenly my (ex)bf came out of no where and heard our talk. She was the one I put the blame on. I told him that it was Yasmin who had a crush on the HGIC (and he trusted me). And I did that because I knew she would do nothing but sent me the I'll-kill-you-LATER signal, which I could handle LATER.

Maybe I'm not the nicest person she's ever met either.

I know I can be a pain in the ass (sometimes)..,
Yet never did she give up on me.

Even after all silly things that I've done, and those stupid ideas like "I'm hungry and it's 2 AM, let's go to McDonalds" or too-shameful-I-cannot-tell stuff, she's the one who'll say "I'm in!".

It seems that she doesn't really like (my overactive) empathy.

She won't cry with me when I'm sad, but whenever I tell her my problem, she'll help me all the way. She'll even put her stuff aside just so she has time for me. I can never understand how she does it with that "hakuna matata" attitude, but she never failed to convince me that everything's going to be okay.

She's also very fun to be with. She'll laugh at my not-so-funny jokes and she'll scream to my good news like it's her good news.

I guess she just had no idea who has influenced me so much in terms of empathy.

She's a smart girl, a self made woman who could be careless to herself, but not to her friends. I hate to admit this (and see her dancing like crazy), but it's true that she inspires me. A lot.

But that's not it.

Above all, the best thing about Yasmin is her faith in me. She believes in me so much even sometimes more than I could believe in myself. Love is what I feel when she's around.


Anyway, often I heard people said that best friends are hard to find. Well no wonder.. Because the very best is already mine.

Happy birthday, Maminci!