Mar 17, 2012


The key of happiness is not in material possessions,

nor in social status.

It is not in the having-all-I-have-ever-wanted position.

The key of happiness is not in achieving greatness,

nor in getting praise from strangers (and even surroundings).

It is not in the chance to be the apple of someone/people's eyes.

The key of happiness should not be shifted from time to time.

Because if it should, there might be a chance for it to be lost.

And it cannot be lost.

Funny but true,

the key of happiness is not something that should be found.

Because it is there already, just exactly like breath.

It does exist, yet sometimes some people are unconscious of the existence.

You know,

some people who base their happiness on temporary things,

and some others who care too much on controlling everything.