Jan 30, 2012

THE GIFT (from the Beautiful Dynasty)

One of the best things about running a business is you can create your own system, your own rules.
Yes, people! Running a business is, indeed, FUN! Of course it's nothing near easy, yet planning what the next steps are, running errands for good reasons, having the ability to express how we're feeling and nurturing our limitless creativity through our products or services, those are oh.. Joyful!

So now...,
Creativity strikes and love is in the air.
"How about a gift for passionate people?"

A gift for the one who passionately reveals 'the unreasonable people' through her inspiring writings to inspire others.
*thank you for this :)

Or the one who gives us hope about having a true leader, who is so loving (and lovable), and always puts others before herself. Such an inspiration.

Or a dear friend who simply enjoys her life by doing what she loves.
*thank you for YOUR photo ;)

'Specially Made For Passionate People Out There', that's the idea when we produce this limited gift pack. We produced 110 packs which each consists of three heart-shaped soaps (you can pick three out of five; Castile, Green Tea, Turmeric, Apple, and Rose).

We give away the first ten yesterday and sell the rest, only about 80s are available now. Well, for purchasing and more info, you may contact info@wangsajelita.com.