Dec 26, 2011

Highlights of 2011 - Welcoming 2012

The one when I got my paper published.

The one when I met the i-genius guy and started to be a guest lecturer.

The one when I had my very first trip on my own.. Well, accompanied by Daddy..'s book. (Please contact me if you'd like to read one, eaaa, malah jualan :p)

The one when I met amazing friends and being involved in the most amazing youth network! (credit goes to Dwight for the photo)

The one when I could cross one thing off of my bucket list.

The one when I spoke at TEDx.

The one when my girls did a fantastic job! Our first international achievement, super proud!!! ♥

The one when I could cross another thing off of my bucket list, with my bff!

The one when bf(f) and I were in different time zone, this time, ensemble ;)

The one when I met my hero!

The one when the three clingies vowed themselves to meet again, in another part of the world. For the sake of Punsch. Indie style.

The one when I present this to my parents, nephews, sisters, my girls, my bf(f), and anyone who don't follow their dreams, but chase them!


A couple of days ago, I received an email from someone who read my blog. She said how lucky I am that universe could conspire and help me with everything. Well, I'm glad that she thought so, but what she didn't know, like others, I had my rainy days as well, of course. 2011 has been amazing, but I would lie if I say that things were ALL great.

FYI I did have days when I "thought about the possibility of being someone else" if you know what I mean (yes, it was one of the stupidest things one could have ever done, seriously!), or days when I asked God "why me?", "what did I do wrong?", "what is the lesson?", "why do I deserve this?" or "why am I not good enough for something better?". You know, the kind of questions that we ask when (we think that) things went totally "wrong".

Some things didn't work out very well in the past and my fears came up quite often. At times I thought that I must be at the end. Well, I finally learned that when things go wrong, it's about time until we look back and connect all the dots to see clearly why they had to be the way they were. God is kind. He always is.

And since the story we tell matters (credit goes to Jessica Jackley and Mastin Kipp for the lesson), for me, writing a story and complaining about how awful my day was is not an option. And even when I tried, it ended up like this or this, errr :))

The story we tell about ourselves influences our lives. The story we tell about our bad days creates our belief and will be shown in our acts and continues in resulting another bad day, that's how the cycle goes. Of course, we do have the right of not feeling good and we are never asked to be happy all the time. But we are asked to show our gratitude, so the favors which we shall receive will be given more and more. That's the promise. And that's what I've been doing with my blog.

So if you think I'm lucky, hell yes I am :) and I'm very thankful for everything that He has given me. And from now on, let's start to tell how grateful we are. Let's count our endless blessings. And as we face a new year, let's hope for something great. Let us hope that 2012 will make us be a brighter, smarter, wiser, tougher, stronger, and of course, better person. May we all have a happy new year. May we all have a blessed one.

Virtual ginormous hugs,
Nadya Saib