Dec 12, 2011

Everybody loves Izan!

Have I mentioned about my nephew Izan?

Dear Lord, he’s adorable. I didn’t have a chance to play with him very often like I do with the twins. Izan lived in Alam Sutra, and whenever I went to Jakarta and stayed in my parents’ house, I couldn’t manage to go to visit him (it’s like 30 miles away and combined with the infamous Jakarta's traffic, it probably takes two hours to go there, not nice). Once in a while when my brother in law had to go out of town, my sister stayed in my parents’ house and that was the chance I had to meet him.

What can I say about Muhammad Hamizan Hafidz or Izan..

He loves golf, he loves to make that sound of a swinging ball and he also loves to pretend as if he is the frikin awesome golfer, Tiger Woods.

Izan was the one who made me watch Tiger Woods’ hole-in-one-videos on YouTube (hey, when it comes to golf, Tiger Woods might not be a human, testified).

Alright. Back to Izan.

Izan is very very sweet and polite. His voice is very soft and he speaks in a way like he doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

Not like his older nephews, the twins, he doesn’t get along to people easily. I used to claim myself as a child magnet, until there was Izan. It took me two weeks (I counted that) to make him feels comfortable with me. By feeling comfortable I mean he starts to call me when I’m not in his sight, or he’s okay to be left alone with me without his mom.

Izan loves to swim.

Izan is a very smart kid. He’s not even 2 years old, not yet, (he’s one year, eight months, two weeks and four days now to be precised) yet he knows many words to say, not to mention in two (even three) languages; Indonesian, English, and a teeny weeny bit of French. He can count from one to ten in those three languages (to twenty in Indonesian), he can recite Al-Fatihah, he can sing more than five songs (or I should’ve said, he remembers five songs’ lyrics very well, I’ll tell you what I’m trying to imply here later), and when he speaks, you can understand what he means easily because he pronounces words very clearly.

Well, I have to admit that singing is not his cup of tea. When he sings.., he sounds cute, as always, but we can never tell what song he sings until he finishes the lyric. You know, God is fair.

Izan loves it when I play with his hands and feet. I always tricked him by telling that I needed to check whether he’s okay, but I tickled him instead. And he always asked for more. Izan loves it when I ask him to put his head on my lap and then he’d let me to play with his head and sing the do-re-mi song (did that on purpose :p). And yes, he’d ask for more; “lagi aunty”. Cuteness.

Izan loves it when I tell him several facts about him and finally ask his name, and he'd immediately answer "IJAN!". And he always enjoys it when I use his name when I sing "Good Times, Bad Times" as the only lyric.

But sometimes he called me "Onteng" or "Onteng Golojos". Ugh, not good kiddo.

Now that Izan is moving to Balikpapan with his Umay and Ayah for an indefinite period of time, how I wish I had more time back then to play with him :')

See you soon, Izan! May your mom and dad teach you how to sing, so next time you can sing me “Di mana anak kambing saya” well and stop pronouncing the lyric like a poem because.. it just doesn't sound right.

Anyway, kudos to his mommy with the great initiative called TEE FOR CHARITY BY GENEROUS KIDS. It is, indeed, THE great way to celebrate Izan's second birthday next March, and I'm so going to write more about it.

*Should you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me.

Aunty loves you, Izan!