Nov 30, 2011

IN FORGIVING (a lesson from SUITS)

There's this one new tv series that I watched recently and have been crazy about. It's called SUITS. The story begins when a super genius college dropout, Mike Ross, meets an NYC's best attorney (not to mention brilliant mind and flawless-looking man) named Harvey Specter. They end up working together in a firm, Pearson Hardman, which is led by Jessica Pearson, my kind of woman.

I don't think I have to spoil everything but I'm telling you that the witty conversation which most likely involved Donna (Harvey's assistant), the snobbish-'I'm-smarter-than-you'-style of Harvey and Mike, and the intriguing drama between characters in it are super entertaining and definitely worth the watch. I love it to the max!

Soooo.., there is an episode in the very first season (errr, it starts this year anyway), when there's a conflict between Harvey and Donna. She tries to save Harvey when his former mentor, Cameron, starts to drag him down. Donna gives all evidences she has to Harvey's boss, Jessica, so she can use it to turn on Cameron without bringing Harvey. When Harvey finally figures it out, he is so furious because he thinks Donna does something behind his back. Until..

Jessica: That's not the reason why I called you in here. Have a seat
Harvey: Donna (asking)
Jessica: Mm-hmm. You need to get over it
Harvey: I'm trying. It's not that easy
Jessica: Yes, it is
Harvey: Tell me
Jessica: Okay.. Think about what your life would be like without her



Harvey: Now I know
Jessica: (smile) Know what?
Harvey: How you always forgive me

Oh, Harvey.. *LOL