Oct 8, 2011

This (too) shall pass

A Good Reminder

The Sufi tradition tells the story of a king who was surrounded by wise men. One morning, as they talked, the king was quieter than usual.

"What is wrong, Your Highness?" asked one of the wise men.

"I am confused," replied the king. "At times I am overcome by melancholy, and feel powerless to fulfill my duties. At others, I am dizzy with all power I have. I would like a talisman to help me be at peace with myself."

The wise men surprised by such a request, spent long months in discussion. In the end, they went to the king with a gift.

"We have engraved magic words on the talisman. Read them out loud whenever you are too confident, or very sad," they said.

The king looked at the object he had ordered. It was a simple silver and gold ring, but with an inscription:



It is 8:11 AM in my hotel room in Paris.
My third day surrounded by French delicacy (you know my standard, 'happy tummy happy me' :p) and amazing people whom I never thought I would meet before.

I was enjoying my tea and looked outside the window,
being grateful that I always am.

And yes,
This, too, shall pass.