Aug 14, 2011

random thoughts

I always need someone to talk to, sometimes it is hard to find one, so I talk to myself and let things jump around in my head, wonder about this and that on my own.

You know, one of those days when things go absolutely out of your control and all you need is a switch button to turn everything off wishing that it would solve all problems. Anyway, I remember I saw this on my genius friend's blog, let's see if it helps.


It was my fault

Not all, but yes, I should have been nicer

Gotta send an email to Icha

Oh, have I replied Lan's?

I guess I have

I realize how we, ENFJs, are driven by love

If only I could own my heart fully so nothing can stop me

I have not finished my financial report

Should I take all the documents to Jakarta?

I might not do it anyway

Oh I miss my nephews

They wore those green shirts and looking cute

Hey, pure peppermint tea would be nice

I remember I had a bad dream this morning

I cannot remember what it was

I think it was about my grandparents

I envy my nephews, they have grandparents that I don't


Look at my nails

Oh, I should not have contacted anyone

But I need to talk

I think it is a good exercise though

Cotton bud, I need cotton bud

Damn you downgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An eye for an eye

But it would make the whole world blind..

Why Ghandi why?

I want to go back to India and enjoy paneer

Paneer is a funny word for food

Man, I have been typing for 5 minutes

Should I go?

Now 6 maybe

Not that I type it non stop but simulta.. damn spellin

Oh my e-club students

Hey when is the Luxton dinner?

Oh my presentation

I should call Ina

And now I have less than three hours to get ready

Gotta take a shower

Messy room I have

Should get rid of those flowers

My camera oh dear

And Singapore, oh, I need mood booster

Why now?