Aug 4, 2011

Endless Blessings ♥

I just realize that 2011 has passed its half time and I'm like baby, baby, baby, oooo.. Baby, baby, baby, noooo.. (my fav line from Bieber)

Anyway, Praise God the Almighty, it has been a very delightful year and I'm expecting it to get even better.., I hope the same thing goes for everyone as well ;)

So I just got back home from Asia Youth Summit in India about two weeks ago (July 25th) and it was such an amazing experience! Even better, now I can check the Taj Mahal off my bucket list :)

Talking about the Taj Mahal. I went there with my two lovely friends, one from Philippines, and one from Vietnam.

Me, Dwight (Philippines), Lan (Vietnam)

And.. Voila!
Taj Mahal: CHECK!

And this one is from Dwight's camera, he has such a great camera that can show perfectly how magnificent the Taj is <3

I was so much in love with the beauty and the romantic story of the Taj Mahal, this is the only thing that crossed into my head on how to express it. It was actually my dear Lan's idea to lay down on the floor (to get some rest), then I improvised =p

I will definitely write more about my traveling in India and Asia Youth Summit itself because actually my dear friends and I, all delegations from Indonesia, has been preparing for something to share about our experience there. Just wait for it.

What I wanted to write this time is about Wangsa Jelita and Project Inspire, because finally..... (drumroll please) THE VOTING IS NOW LIVE!

The voting of what??

Let me tell you.
Project Inspire: 5 Minutes to Change the World is a joint initiative by UN Women Singapore and MasterCard to help you create a better world of opportunities for women and children in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. (I copied this from their webite, here)

As I already wrote, Wangsa Jelita has submitted a video to join this project. This idea actually has been running (thanks to British Council and Arthur Guinness Fund), and we have no choice but to develop it even bigger. We really do hope more communities can benefit from this project :)

The winning project will be determined by a combination of public votes and judges scores during the ‘live’ pitch finals in Singapore on August 24, 2011.

I bet you know what I'm going to say next. My friends and I at Wangsa Jelita need your support to cast your vote for our project and spread the word to as many people as you can. You can cast your vote here:
Just 'click' the red button, I promise you, it's very simple and easy

I'll be coming to Singapore as Wangsa Jelita's representative on August 22-25. I'll do my very best, may God do the rest (and you better help me too.... =p)

The voting will be closed on August 19 2011, so if you have cast your vote, you still can support us by spreading the word :)


In 2010, I joined this competition called Community Entrepreneur Challenge, held by British Council and Arthur Guinness Fund. And ever since, Praise God, I feel like I've been rewarded with all the things and easiness to meet the goals and targets I've set myself. God has been very nice to me, indeed.

So, I would like to end my posting with a reminder to cast your vote for my project one more time (haha) and quoting the tagline of Community Entrepreneur Challenge wave I (because in wave II they've changed it =p). Here it is..


Each of your vote does count.
And each time you spread this news to your friends,
it will be very helpful as well.

Not only for me, nor my social enterprise, Wangsa Jelita.
One vote of yours would be absolutely very meaningful to MANY PEOPLE who are involved in our project.

From One to Many

And last but never the least,
May all your kindness and support be returned to you a billion-fold.
Have a great day!