Jul 6, 2011

Wangsa Jelita for 'Project Inspire: 5 Minutes to Change the World'

Few months ago, a good friend of mine from British Council Indonesia suggested me to join in this program, it's called 'Project Inspire: 5 Minutes to Change the World'.

Few weeks ago, I bbm'd my partner, Ina, and we talked about this. We discussed what kind of video we wanted to make, what the content would be and other stuff.

Being the president of a nation called procrastiNATION (hopefully, I'm going to resign soon xp), we've made it in the very last minute. I wrote the script, took some videos and sent it to Ina right away. She made the whole animation by herself and here's the result.

FYI. Ina made this in 24 hours. She's awe-mazing! And I love her.
Anyway, you can also see her work here. Great stuff there.

You know, one of some lessons that I've learned the hard way is that when I want to do something big, I can never do it alone. I always need a team. I always need people to help me and support me, people who are very great in the field where I'm not, and willing to do anything for the team's good.

I'm blessed that I'm surrounded by those people. Enfin.