Jul 15, 2011

Gratitude and Wangsa Jelita's update :)

I feel so blessed with all messages and feedback I have received recently about Wangsa Jelita. Thank you. I will always try to reply all messages I got. And also thank you for being so patient while I sorted some things out. I try my best not to miss one single message.

People have been asking me questions about Wangsa Jelita and I am always super excited to answer all of those. Since I always believe that 'working smart is more important than working hard' (one nice way to cover my laziness =p), I have made one template. Ha!

Here it is,

Wangsa Jelita is doing good. We are trying to set up production to larger market like hotels (setting a business to business scheme) because we believe, in terms of continuity, it will be much better if we do so.

We are also preparing to work with new farmers community and developing research to produce new products out of these new raw materials.

For retail market, my team is preparing a website, www.wangsajelita.com, which will soon be launched within the next few months.

Regarding the '5 Minutes to Change the World' program:
The form of cooperation undertaken with the farming community is by doing a fair trade system. From the more profit they get, we help their money management, one of which is by giving them new skills in utilizing and adding more value to their natural resource (roses), for example, to process them into rose natural soaps.

We are also preparing a new kind of promotion that can be spread via online. For an example, the video we have made for the program '5 Minutes to Change the World', which can be seen on my previous posting.

I am always happy with any collaboration ideas with anyone. If you can support what my team has been doing, let us see if we can come up with something :)


Oh anyway, this posting is actually one of ways to answer all questions people might (have) want(ed) to ask. So I will not feel sorry for giving late reply :))

Praise to God the Almighty.
Our project entry (for Project Inspire) is currently under review for short listing. There will be 10 projects (all of them will be announced by July 25th on its website) and public voting will be open from mid to end of August 2011. Surely we need everyone's help :)

Cheers and much love.

I am going to Delhi tomorrow night at 20.55 for Asia Youth Summit, for a week. I promise I will post everything I learn there to my blog, as soon as possible, inshaAllah. For daily updates, I will put it on my Twitter.

Visa? Check! Tickets? Check! Excitement? Triple check!!! =p
I hope everyone's week will be as excited as (I believe) mine (will be).