Jun 10, 2011

"How if you fail?"

It has been a while since the last time I posted something here. So many things to do and I did not push myself to sit for a few minutes and move my fingers to type whatever I have wanted to. Now that I have time, so here I am.

Oh, couple of weeks ago, a journalist from Nova interviewed me about Wangsa Jelita and our program with British Council and Arthur Guinness Fund. Now you can read it on this week edition. Here you may take a peek.

Can you see my favorite twins? How I miss them!

Anyway, a friend of mine asked me this question two weeks ago, to be honest, it was not the first time I heard it, so I was not surprised. It is actually the question that people (mostly close friends) ask me anytime they see me so passionate about something. The question was,

How if you fail?

I am very grateful to have the most understanding and caring people around me. They know that when I love and want something I become obsessed like nothing can stop me until I get it. And I truly appreciate how lovely they are that they never want to see me hurt. However, there are things that I really want them (if not all people) to understand.


Do you remember the first time you walked? I don't.
But I remember the first time my favorite twins did.

They started by crawling and they made progress that they tried to stand up with one hand held. After few attempts, they succeeded to walk for two steps or three. I remember my sister held one of my nephews while I sat on the other side. I called his name so that he would come to me, and finally he managed to walk for more than three steps.

Just like every kid, they did fall several times especially when they are out of sight. But you should see them now. They run like a hungry cheetah trying to catch a deer *I was joking of course, but you know what I mean.

My point is if they gave up trying to walk after the first few attempts (which they did not), there is no way they run like they do now. And the whole family never gave up on them either, because we knew that they could walk soon. We knew it was possible, so we kept trying to help them and they kept trying to walk. For how long? Until they walk.

Before answering my friend's question, there are two things that I always keep in mind and love to share: 'there is neither might nor power except with God's permission' and 'He is the most Beneficent of all'.

If you have a dream no matter how impossible it looks at the very beginning, and after some trials and failures you feel like you want to give up on it, then don't! Just remember that God permits that idea slipped into your ind and He never meant to torture you by not giving you a chance to achieve it.

Speaking of failure, Wangsa Jelita is not my first attempt. Back then I have started a business that failed. I have written business plans more than I can count which didn't end nicely. But none of them has stopped me. Now I thank God that my business has started to form the vision I have for it. Even just a small piece for now but I will keep trying until it reveals the complete form.

So my answer to my friend? Try again, try differently. Until.
I truly hope anyone who reads it have enough courage to do the same thing.