Dec 5, 2010

Wife Material

Here, just to be fair.
I found it on the internet.

"I'm looking for a woman who is already a wife, but has never been married. What I mean is I want someone who truly knows what a wife is, according to God's word. She understands her role in the marriage, as well as the role of her mate. She knows how to let me be the appointed head of the household, and she knows how to go about keeping me in check if I'm slacking. If I'm not doing my job, I want her to let me know. If I'm doing my job, I want her to let me know.

I know that no one is perfect, which also means that no marriage is perfect. We will have to work through, overcome, and understand some things about our marriage. Having said that, I do believe that there are some things you should just know, before you enter into that kind of union. As I seek to know God's will for me as a husband, I want her to do the same as wife. I don't want her to try and figure it out after she gets the ring. I want her to start now!"

For a single person, the best time to practice being a good husband or wife, is when you are by yourself. If your heart's desire is to one-day walk down the aisle and say, "I do," then you should learn God's will for your life now. You may discover that you have the gift of singleness. The only reason you may want to get married is because people have been telling you your whole life that you should. The truth is, no one knows God's will for life but Him. He won't reveal His will for your life to anyone but you.

If you pay attention to what God is saying, you might learn some things. This is how the young man described being prepared for marriage. "Before you purchase a car, you must first have a driver's license. Without one, you can't legally buy an automobile. The driver's license represents the acknowledgement of the DMV that you have passed all of their requirements, and proven yourself capable to drive. The problem with some single people is that they are out here trying to purchase a car without a license. In other words, they are out here trying to find a mate, and God has not yet given them permission to do so.

Just like the DMV, God requires that you prove to Him that you are capable. Just like the test you take in order to get a driver's license; God also requires that you pass a series of tests. Just like you have to know and obey all the traffic laws, God's laws are His word. You must first obey His word.

Just like you must be able to recognize all of the road signs, God will also give you signs. He will confirm whether or not this person is someone you should be dating, or staying away from. He'll confirm whether or not you should be trying to holla at this person, or minister to them. God will give you signs. It's up to you to obey them. Just like you have to take a hands-on test at the DMV, God gives his own hands-on test. If you ever wondered why God allows certain people into your life, this is why.

He's testing you! Some people come into your life, and bring nothing but pain and misery. God is testing you to see just how much pain you will let them bring, and how long you'll keep them around. Some people come into your life to inspire and help you stay uplifted. God is testing you to see much you appreciate these people, and if you will one day do the same for them.

Once you pass all of God's requirements, through the Holy Spirit, He will let you know that it is now time. Get your license first! Don't go trying to find someone, and all you have is a permit. A driver's permit means that you have some driving experience, but you don't know everything that you need to know. You need to practice some more. You're not there yet. The same applies with God. Some people still need to learn more. You're not there yet. If you try to marry without the approval of God, you're driving without a license.

We all know what happens if you get caught driving without a license. What do you think God will do when he catches you? He will catch you!

Personally, when I decide to look for a wife, I'm looking for a woman who already has her license. How will I know that she has her license? Because, I will already have mine. I will know what I went through to get it, and what I learned in the process. I'll simply see if she has learned the same. If her license has been stamped with the same seal as mine, then it is permissible by God for us to drive together."