Dec 11, 2010

Just wait.. Because this dream is worth the struggle.. Keep moving..

I remember, it was couple of months ago (few days after Lebaran). I called my best friend, Nancy, and I told her that I felt miserable because of something. Then she said this to me,

"It is about time Nad, you just wait. There will come a day when finally they come back and ask you 'how can you do that?' or 'can you teach me?' as if they have forgotten what they said to you before. Just wait"

And she was right. If you think I am lucky, it might be true. My God has been very nice to me, and I am pretty sure I can never make anything happens in my life without His helps.

I remember I sent a message to a friend of mine last year and told him about my dreams and all the resistance back then. He convinced me by saying, "this dream is worth the struggle", and "There is no such thing as starting too late, especially for us in our early 20s. The key is to keep moving," so that is what I have been doing. Keep moving.

What I have got now is still far away from the happy ending, but I believe I am heading there (or at least I am die trying). In less than 20 days we are going to kiss this year bye (we actually have, according to Islamic year), so I wish everyone will have the courage to chase his or her dreams. As my friend said, there is no such thing as starting too late, but I really hope you can start soon.


"Dear God,
I understand that it is not their fault for not having the same vision like I do, but please let them know that dreams do come true. Please let them know that You are the one who have the power over things, and everything is possible for You..,

and I beg you God,
please use me to show them that"