Nov 27, 2010

Love Letter

My Dearest,

So apparently I've been living and breathing you.
Nothing I do, nothing I watch, and nothing I listen to have no good for you.
Anyway.., it was really hard knowing the fact that I can't provide anything you need, although actually, at the same time, I admit it was relieving. I know I'm not good at everything. Sure, I want to learn (I'm a firm believer that there's nothing in this world that can't be learned) but I finally understand that it's just not right. My role is to be your enabler. If others can make you be better than I do then I'll support them wholeheartedly.

I understand that you need others to help you to grow and I'm gonna be the one who make sure they are good great enough to take that responsibility. I'm not gonna let them do it because I ask them to, nor because reciprocal reasons. I'm gonna make sure they do it because they believe in you.

I can feel it when I meet one of them and I might not be able to explain. And of course I'm not gonna let them to do anything to you unless they can see you the way I do. You're not gonna be just anything, you're gonna be something. And I promise myself I'm gonna be the one to make sure that you're walking on the right path.